What We Do

Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC will complete a full containment of any asbestos-containing location.

This can apply to anyone, since asbestos is potentially in any home. The attics and walls of an estimated 12-to-35 million homes and other structures contain vermiculite insulation that, if disturbed, could cause exposure to asbestos according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Seattle Asbestos Environmental LLC. would love to help you with this transition of your home, whether it be light demolition, lead removal, asbestos removal or inspection you are inquiring about. We are here to make this proccess easy and affordable for youSeattle Asbestos Environmental

Asbestos Removal:

At the very start of any asbestos removal project, we complete a full containment barrier, which means we will putting up plastic around the material that will be removed. If you have a popcorn ceilings, we will be putting plastic on all the walls and floors leaving the ceiling open. we will then wet down the popcorn and scrape it off. We will do this a quick and clean as possible. Our company prides its self on being precises and very clean. Other products like piping will be removed with a glove bag. Glove bagging means we make a barrier around the item and then remove the asbestos. These materials are all disposed of in a designated/government approved area for hazards materials. When we leave the location there will be no sign of asbestos left in the home or building. Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC also does air testing, after completion of every asbestos removal project, to make sure the location is safe for the family and/or employees.

Asbestos Inspections:

Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC will come to your home or office building and first do a visual asbestos inspection to determine damaged or hazardes areas. Then we will take samples of materials that may possibly contain asbestos. We will need to take 3 or more sample per material for testing. Each color of tile or sheet vinyl will need to be tested. We will test sheet rock, roofing, materials, inspect the attic insulation and check the basement. If the location has a crawl space Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC will be checking for insulation around any piping. We will be looking for adhesives and caulking during our asbestos inspection in all location. If any location is occupied, we will take the samples as discreetly as possible. We will complete the testing of the samples usually within two to three days and you will have a written survey report within a day or two thereafter.Seattle Asbestos Environmental


Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC does soft demolition of residential up to 4 units or the inside of the buildings on a commercial project. During demolition we will create the least amount of dust as possible. We complete all demolition projects in a quick and professional manner for each location and assure that the site is clean, free of dust and debris.

Mold Abatement:

Seattle Asbestos Environment, LLC also offers mold abatement services. We will make sure there is no mold left in the location when we are done. Seattle Asbestos EnvironmentalThe mold infested area will have containment Seattle Asbestos Environmentalbarrier built just like asbestos. The mold is removed with chemicals that make sure the mold spores are killed and cannot continue to grow.  Any affected damaged wood or drywall etc.. will have to be removed as part of the mold abatement process.

Lead Removal:

Lead Removal is completed in the same fashion as mold. Mold or lead, if not removed may cause long term damage to your brain and lungs.